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Terms and Conditions

 1 Charges if You postpone or cancel the removal

 1.1 If You postpone or cancel our services, We reserve the right to charge you a reasonable postponement or cancellation fee according to how much notice is given as set out below at 1.1.1 – 1.1.4. “Working days” refer to the normal working week of Monday to Friday and excludes weekends and Public Holidays.
 1.1.1 More than 10 working days before the removal was due to start: No charge.
1.1.2 Between 5 and 10 working days inclusive before the removal was due to start: not more than 20% of the removal charge.
1.1.3 Less than 5 working days before the removal was due to start: not more than 40% of the removal charge.
1.1.4 Within 24 hours of the move taking place; not more than 60% of the removal charge.
1.1.5 On the day the work starts or at any time after the work commences up to 100% of Our charges.

 2 Work not included in the quotation

 2.1 Unless agreed by us in writing, we will not:
2.1.1 Dismantle or assemble furniture of any kind
2.1.2 Disconnect, re-connect, dismantle or re-assemble appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment.
2.1.3 Take up or lay fitted floor coverings.
2.1.4 Move items from a loft, unless properly lit and floored and safe access is provided.
2.1.5 Move or store any items excluded under Clause 3.
2.1.6 Dismantle or assemble garden furniture and equipment including, but not limited to: sheds, greenhouses, garden shelters, outdoor play equipment, and satellite dishes, or move paving slabs, planters and the like.
2.2 Our staff are not authorised or qualified to carry out such work. We recommend that a properly qualified person is separately employed by You to carry out these services.

 3 Goods not to be submitted for removal

 3.1 Unless previously agreed in writing by a director or other authorised company representative, the following items must not be submitted for removal and will under no circumstances be moved by Us. The items listed under 3.1.1 below may present risks to health and safety and of fire. Items listed under 3.1.2 to 3.1.6 below carry other risks and You should make Your own arrangements for their transport.
3.1.1 Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition.
3.1.2 Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, mobile telephones, portable media and computing devices, stamps, coins, or goods or collections of any similar kind.
3.1.3 We shall notify you in writing as soon as practicable if any of the Goods, are in Our opinion hazardous to health, dirty or unhygienic or likely to attract vermin or pests and under what conditions we would be prepared to accept such Goods or whether we refuse to accept them. Should we refuse to accept the goods We will have no liability to You.
3.1.4 Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment.
3.1.5 Any animals, birds, fish, reptiles or plants.
3.1.6 Goods which require special licence or government permission for export or import.
3.1.7 Under no circumstances will Prohibited items, stolen goods or drugs be moved by us.

 4 Payment

 4.1 Unless otherwise agreed by Us in writing, payment is required in full on the day of the move.
4.2 In respect of all sums which are overdue to us, We will charge interest on a daily basis calculated at 4% per annum above the prevailing base rate for the time being of the Bank of England.

5. Our Quotation

 5.1 Our Quotation is valid for twenty-eight days from the date of issue. Unless already included in Our Quotation, reasonable additional charges will apply in the following circumstances:
 5.1.1 If the work does not commence within twenty-eight days of acceptance;
5.1.2 Where We have given You a price including redelivery from storage within Our Quotation and the re-delivery from storage has not taken place within six months from the date of the issue of the quotation;
5.1.3 The work is carried out on a Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday or outside normal hours (08.00-18.00hrs) at your request.
5.1.4 We have to collect or deliver goods at Your request above the ground floor and first upper floor.
5.1.5 If You or Your agents request collection or access to Your goods whilst they are in store;
5.1.6 We supply any additional services, including moving extra goods.(these conditions apply to such work).
5.1.7 The entrance or exit to the premises, stairs, lifts or doorways are inadequate for free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration, or the approach, road or drive is unsuitable for our vehicles and/or containers to load and/or unload within 20 metres of the doorway.
5.1.8 We have to pay parking or other fees or charges (including fines where you have not arranged agreed suspension of parking restrictions) in order to carry out services on Your behalf. For the purpose of this Agreement parking fines for illegal parking, caused by Our negligence, are not fees or charges and You are not responsible for paying them.
5.1.9 There are delays or events outside Our reasonable control which increase or extend the resources or time allowed to complete the agreed work.
 5.2 You agree to pay any reasonable charges arising from the above circumstances.
2016 - TASC Removals T&C’s. 

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